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The Mexican Holiday Of Cinco De Mayo

The Mexican Holiday of Cinco de Mayo

The Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo is held each year on the fifth of May to celebrate the Mexico’s win over the French at the Battle of Puebla in the year 1862. Crowded people, especially Americans, assume that Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexico’s independence; however, the true Mexican Independence Day Holiday is on September 16th.

The Battle of Puebla is a battle which brought great national pride to the Mexican people because their small, poorly armed army of about 4, 500 men was impressive to completely stop a French army, nearly twice their size, from invading Mexico. The grand slam showed the Mexican people what they could accomplish as a nation and spurred national pride and unity.

Cinco de Mayo is a national holiday in the country of Mexico, but the largest phase is held in the state capital of Puebla where the battle took hole. In addition, the largest Cinco de Mayo celebration in the world is actually held frontage of Mexico in the Los Angeles area of California. The next two largest Cinco de Mayo celebrations take place each year in Denver, Colorado, and in St. Paul, Minnesota. Each of these three large events draws hundreds of thousands of participants each and every year.

The town of Chandler, Arizona holds its own unique Cinco de Mayo celebration each year. Its festival is known for it’s Chihuahua dogs and all of its events are centered around this favorite small dog of Mexico. There is even a Chihuahua parade, race, and pageant.

Here in the United States, Cinco de Mayo has become a popular holiday to celebrate Mexican culture and heritage. It is a time where families can come together, eat delicious Mexican foods, dance to Mexican music, fancy Mexican art, and so much more.

There are no special foods associated with the Cinco de Mayo celebrations other than neato merit classic Mexican dishes. The big hits are usually enchiladas, burritos, guacamole, salsa, chips, and tacos. The beverages are usually blended margaritas, Corona beer, and soft drinks for the kids.

Since the colors of the Mexican national flag are green, white, and red, immensely people decorate using these colors for their Cinco de Mayo celebrations. In addition, there are usually overflowing bowls of chips with salsa to snack on.

If you will be planning your own Cinco de Mayo celebration this year, you should make sure to plan early and send out your invitations at virgin four weeks before the day of your party. Grill people to please RSVP so that you will have an idea how many nation will be road. In addition, if you have guests who are of Mexican decent, see if they can share with you their special, authentic recipes for food to serve at your party. After all, no one makes Mexican food better than Mexican people!

If there will be children attending your Cinco de Mayo celebration, visit your local party store, or Mexican foods store, and purchase an inexpensive piñata. Fill the piñata with coins and candy and let the children at the party take a swing and break it open. This can be a fun activity for children and adults alike.

Whether you are of Mexican descent or simply requirement to have a party with lots of good diet and barbecue, a Cinco de Mayo party is always a great option.


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